Technical Information

Salem Tube’s captive Laboratory, located in Greenville, is a Nadcap Accredited Laboratory for Material Testing. The Laboratory is equipped with latest test equipment for Chemical testing (Spectrometer) of Stainless Steel and Nickel alloys; Metallurgical testing for metallography, grain size, inclusions; Mechanical test for Tensile, Yield and Elongation (1000 KN Tester); Corrosion testing. All tests are conducted as per the latest ASTM / ASME / AMS / EN standards for testing of the products supplied to customers.

Salem Tube, like each of the Tubacex Group business units worldwide, has a minimum of one laboratory for product chemical analysis mechanical and corrosion testing to guarantee that the products meet the quality and technical specifications required by our customers. All of the products which leave our mills are additionally provided with a company certificate when being delivered to the customer. Thus the quality-controlled production of Salem Tube is traceable for each customer. All Tubacex Group companies comply with the main industry business certifications.

The Tubacex Group has made a significant effort in innovation in recent years. The company has a corporate innovation unit focused on product R&D projects and development projects for the different industrial plans of Group companies, in which technological development is required. The R&D laboratory, located in Spain, is accelerating the development by enriching metallurgical and metallographic knowledge, which is key for the development of new materials and processes. The main capabilities of the R&D laboratory are microscopes (FESM, Field Emission Scanning Microscope; and LM, Light Microscope) and a microhardness tester.


Our facility is equip with an approved Laboratory which allows us to:

  • Tensile / Yield / Elongation
  • Hardness / Flare / Flatten / Bend / Reverse Bend / Reverse Flatten / Surface Roughness
  • Chemical Analysis / Metallographic Evaluation / Grain Size / Surface Condition / Loose Material / Passivity
  • Corrosions A262 Practice A,C,E / G28 Method A&B / G48 Method A A923 Method A & C
  • Ferrite Test / Hydrostatic Test / Air Underwater / Eddy Current / Ultrasonic Test / PMI


Industry Business Certifications


asme iso14000 pedadwo as9100iso9001
WO+PED norsok