Stepping into the High-Pressure Industry

Salem Tube strengthens its position as a specialized supplier of tubes in the market

high pressure stainless tubingAcquired by the Tubacex Group in the mid 1990’s and located in Pennsylvania, Salem Tube has become vital to the group’s growth strategy for NAFTA and in small diameter tubing (up to 2”), by continuously evolving its High Added Value and Innovative tubing portfolio.

Growth into more demanding market segments is at the very core of the recent launch of medium and high-pressure tubing; a product used to transport fluids and gasses under extreme pressures. Salem Tube has adapted to the evolution of this market towards extreme conditions, such as industry demands to go deeper into the earth’s surface and cut materials faster, using water-jet cutting systems. The characteristics surrounding these products are very stringent as the materials are constantly exposed to working pressures of up to 60,000 PSI.

The very nature of intense pressure requires producers to focus on a number of critical design criteria. Exact properties must be built into the tubing design to address, not only safety and security, but also the ability to partner with valves and fittings available in this higher-pressure market. This industry dictates five specific Outside Diameter sizes that correspond to 14 different internal diameters directly related to specific pressure applications. Medium and high-pressure tubing is recognized now only for the aforementioned characteristics, but also for its specific wall to Outside Diameter ratios. The result must allow a cone and threading to be cut into the end so that it can fit flawlessly into the matching valves and fittings that are equally rated and round off the unit’s optimum working requirements.

Salem Tube has partnered industry leaders to develop cutting edge processes for this product, which in conjunction with recent investment into state-of-the-art equipment will make this product the company’s new flagship. The integrity of the product is designed to withstand some of the most demanding and harsh environments and will contribute to positioning Salem Tube as the number one specialty-tubing supplier in the United States.

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