Seamless Cold Drawn Tubing | Salem Tube



Salem Tube is a certified manufacturer and distributor of seamless cold drawn tubing. This tubing is cold drawn and made from 1018/1026 steel. This gives it increased strength and tolerance plus enhanced machinability in comparison to hot-rolled tubing. Cold drawn seamless tubes have a smooth superior-quality finish that make them incredibly popular, not to mention versatile.

The benefits of seamless cold drawn tubing include:

  • Greater and sturdy machinability
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Smooth superior-quality finish
  • Micro-structured uniformity
  • Higher strength/weight ratio
  • High tolerance level for reduced machine time
  • Varied extensive applications

Seamless cold drawn tubes are smooth inside and out with a fantastic tolerance level that drastically cuts machine time. This can result in considerable savings on energy costs. This tubing is extensively heat treated. This means the desired mechanical properties can be achieved. This tubing is built to meet extensive and varied industrial needs. You get the most sturdy machinability available for extensive application.

Interested in Seamless Cold Drawn Tubing?

The experienced team at Salem Tube can help you with your specialized end use applications. We are part of the Tubacex Group. We specialize in the production and distribution of seamless cold drawn tubing for complex projects and critical application.

We are committed to producing and delivering superior products with the highest-quality service. Contact us today at 724-646-4301 to learn more about our inventory, our capabilities, and for a free price quote on your project or needs. We understand that choosing the right and most accurate tubes can be an overwhelming process. We’ll only let you invest your money in the right kind of tube product for your needs or intended use.