Salem Tube, Inc. supplies tubing into many high demanding markets including Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Chemical & Petro-Chemical, Nuclear, Food Processing and Automotive. Our customer base covers six continents and includes many of the respective industry leaders and other world class companies, relying on our comprehensive approach to quality and service to meet their demands.

Oil & Gas/Upstream

Tubacex Group produces a comprehensive range of tubes for on-shore and offshore applications:

Plain end OCTG tubes for tubing and casing, as well as of coupling mother tubes and mechanical tubing for accessories. These are in corrosion resistant alloys (CRA), from duplex stainless steels (DSS) up to sophisticated nickel alloys, with high mechanical properties suitable for the use in corrosive and difficult conditions (pressure, temperature, aggressive environments…).

In subsea, TUBACEX along with all the subsidiaries is capable of supplying the complete scope SURF products. Salem Tube is fully Norsok qualified for the Duplex, Superduplex and 6Mo grades and it is capable of supplying the complete range of austenitic grades as well as High Nickel alloys such as A825 and A625.

Salem Tube provides the small size tubing for the subsea Hardware (manifolds, Christmas Trees, boosting systems…). All the connections such as Jumpers and Flowloops are within the product portfolio.

The steel Umbilical tubes are manufactured in a sister company of Salem, Shoeller-Bleckmann located in Austria. Umbilical tubes are produced bya state-of-the-art equipment in a wide range of dimensions. The tubes can be manufactured in single-piece long straight length, or welded and coiled on reels.

Risers along with the Flowlines, could be supplied in all range of seamless steels tubes up to 2″.

Other tubes including precision and hydraulic tubing Tubacex has a long established experience in manufacturing pipes and tubes of standard and non-standard sizes in stainless steel grades, providing high resistance to corrosion combined with high mechanical properties being so critical in subsea (incl. deepwaters) and enhanced recovery installations.


Tubacex is a world leader in the tubular solution market for the Oil & Gas Onshore, Offshore, Power Generation and other applications, from the Upstream to the Downstream through the Midstream. Particularly in the downstream with our pipes, heat exchangers, furnace & fire heater pipes and tubes for all the sector. Our portfolio covers the manufacturing of stainless steel pipes and tubes, instrumentation tubing, hollow bars, fittings and other products both from production and stock as well. A long experience in the business and a complete reference list in this application place Tubacex as the worldwide market leader. Main final destination of our material would we: Oil & Gas Onshore projects: GTL, LNG, Refinery, Gas compression, Chemical, Petrochemical plants and others.


In power plants and the energy sector our tubes and pipes are primarily used for boiler equipments. The same application area also applies to environmental technologies and waste incineration plants. These equipments can be either subcritical or supercritical – above 550º.

In addition, Tubacex Group has a growing presence in the manufacturing of tubes for the nuclear industry.
Salem Tube manufactures heat exchanger tubes for nuclear applications, which are usually located in the auxiliary systems of BNI (Balance of the Nuclear Island). Salem Tube also manufactures other type of tubes for nuclear application like nuclear submarines or Fuel Fabrication Facilities MOX (Mixed Oxide).

The company is ready to supply the nuclear industry either in new works or in repair works thanks to its flexibility.

Salem is qualified to certify their products in ASME III class I, II, III and counts on a large experience in the fields of manufacturing and quality control of nuclear material.

Other markets:

• Process Industries (including pharmaceutical, food processing and a wide range of industries) are growingly using seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes in their developments.

• Precision tubes: Salem Tube produce instrumentation tubes up to 3mm OD in the tightest tolerances in a wide range of stainless steel and high nickel alloy tubes for electronic industry.