Seamless Stainless Steel

Working with a global tubing manufacturer gives you a direct link to cost effective seamless stainless steel tubing. This tubing can be customized to your exact requirements. Stainless steel tubing is highly durable and resilient. It’s resistant to fire/heat and corrosion and offers good machinability. The easy-to-maintain and easy-to-clean surface conveys a very sleek and modern aesthetic that’s popular today.

Many industries understandably need access to high precision stainless steel tubing. Here are a few sectors that would benefit from having a direct working relationship with a tubing manufacturer.

Hydraulic & Instrumentation

Working with an instrumentation tubing manufacturer means you’ll get the sizes and pressures necessary for upstream applications. Tubing manufacturers produce many instrumentation tubes for topside processing facilities and manifolds under the sea.

Chemical Processing

If you need high-performance tubing for applications like condensing units, heat exchangers, flow and measuring devices, or hydraulic systems, having a reliable go-to tubing manufacturer is extremely useful.

Aerospace & Military Tubing

Aerospace and military applications demand a high performance criteria along with stringent requirements. Finding a tubing manufacturer that’s worked for the military or an aerospace company practically guarantees consistent quality and the ability to build to suit on a deadline. A tubing company that’s produced tube products for applications like hydraulic, fuel, bleed, and cooling lines, as well as landing and structural components, is one worth checking out.


Nuclear tubing for temperature and pressure monitoring must be produced under very strict requirements. A good tubing manufacturer for nuclear applications is one that also produces high performance tubing for upstream applications.


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