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Produced from carefully inspected and properly conditioned hot-rolled tubes, the process of cold drawing involves pulling a tube through a die and over a mandrel. This results in tubing with a reduced diameter and wall thickness. The finished outcome is tubing with more uniform tolerances, better machinability, and greater strength than a hot-rolled product.

Cold drawn tubing is widely used in the hydraulic, pneumatic, and industrial fields for applications requiring durable mechanical tubing. This tubing offers several key benefits. These include:

  • Greater Durability – Cold drawn tubing is capable of withstanding incredibly high temperatures and pressures. This is why this particular type of tubing meets the demands of so many industries for varied applications.
  • High Tolerance – Cold drawn tubing is capable of handling practically any temperate zone in the hydraulic, pneumatic, and industrial fields.
  • Better Surface Finish – Cold drawing produces a smoother surface finish for excellent performance in different industries and applications.
  • Affordability – Cold drawn tubing isn’t just affordable, it can also reduce costs all around. With its enhanced machinability, it takes less time to machine, which saves on labor costs as well as energy usage.
  • Made in the U.S.A. – This tubing is manufactured in the United States. Salem Tube’s manufacturing facility is located on 10-acres in Greenville, PA.
  • More Uniform/Better Quality – Cold drawing allows for extremely accurate tubing with greater yield and tensile strengths to accommodate your needs.

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