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Everyday there’s a need for steel tubing by many different industries for many different uses and applications. For many, cold drawn stainless steel tubing is a popular choice due to its performance and protective elements.

Cold drawing increases the yield and tensile strengths for tighter tolerances and section properties. This means less machining, improved straightness, and a smooth surface finish. You can often tell the difference between hot-rolled tubing and cold drawn from appearance alone. Stainless cold drawn tubes have a smoother sleeker finish.

However, the major benefit of cold formed steel is the cost effectiveness. When you go with cold drawn stainless tubing, the better surface finish, less machining, and less scrap all equal more time and money saved. Any need for costly thermal treatments is often eliminated.

Industries Served By Cold Drawn Stainless Tubing

Stainless steel cold drawn tubing is ideal for the aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, power generation, food processing, fluid engineering, gas and oil drilling, and water treatment industries. In short, cold drawn tubing can be used for anything that requires precision tolerances and a superior finish. Anything where tolerances, concentricity, straightness, and surface condition are major factors can benefit from cold drawn stainless steel.

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