3 Things to Consider When Assessing Tubing Companies



Assessing tubing companies

Choosing a tubing company is no easy feat. Every sector has very specific standards and often stringent requirements for tubing products. There’s not much room in the way of trial and error if a tube company that produces an inferior low-grade product is chosen. A tube product that doesn’t withstand heat, weight, or corrosion can become a liability for a company.

Here are a three things one should consider when assessing a potential tubing company to partner with.

Is The Company on Good Footing?

Many domestic nickel alloy or stainless steel tube companies have shut down or are on their last legs. Selecting a tubing provider is a lot like entering a relationship. If things are going really well, you’ll want to keep using them. That’s not an option if they’re no longer around.

Read company bios and do some online research. A domestic company owned by or affiliated with a global manufacturer is a surprisingly good indicator they’re not going anywhere for awhile.

What’s their operational facility like? Are they adding square footage or new state-of-the-art laboratories? If their square footage is going up, and they’re not downsizing, that’s another good indicator they’re financially solvent.

What Are Their In-House Capabilities?

A tubing company that is investing in the addition of in-house NDE capabilities for ultrasonic and eddy current testing is looking to keep up with the pace required by demanding niche-end markets.

A tube company adding plug drawing capabilities is looking to expand its existing size range to produce high-end applications or service the Aerospace market.

The same applies to companies achieving notable statuses like NORSOK or NADCAP certifications.

These are all positive signs that this is a tubing company you’ll be doing business with for some time.

What’s Their Product Knowledge & Service Like?

At some point, you may need guidance or just a go-to person if there’s a problem or an urgent need for something. Responsive customer service is important. So is customer-specific expertise, product knowledge, consultative services, and the presence of a certified test lab at their facility.


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