Salem Tube, Inc.

A Global Stainless Steel Manufacturer, Providing Cold Drawn Stainless Tubing and High Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubing

The Salem Tube Inc, a Tubacex Group company, is a leading global manufacturer of high precision stainless steel tubing & Nickel Alloy tubes based in Pennsylvania, USA. Salem tube is proud to offer the industry’s largest portfolio of high-performance tubing, corrosion-resistant alloys, as well as a commitment to delivering on short lead times and emergency projects. Salem, Tube’s products are used in product applications like Heat Exchanger and precision equipment – in seamless or welded & redrawn form, and straight lengths (up to 72 feet) or coils.

A Commitment to Quality and Value

The industries that Salem Tube serves include: Nuclear, Chemical Process & Instrumentation, Oil & Gas transfer, Aerospace & Military Defense. As part of the Tubacex Group – a specialist in the production & distribution of high added value seamless stainless products – we can offer fully integrated solutions for highly critical application, complex projects and special customer demands. Our commitment to superior quality has been synonymous with the name Salem Tube throughout the years. We make it evident in our dedication to high-quality service and products. Our highly experienced staff provides extensive industry and customer-specific expertise for critical applications, specific product needs and new developments, and deliver on commitments. Our certified test lab in Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of services including non-destructive testing, chemical analysis, mechanical testing and metallurgical investigation. Licensed engineers can provide consultation services in many area, including failure analysis, test interpretation, and material selection.

All tests are conducted on calibrated and certified equipment. Continue exploring our website to read about our capabilities, the industries we serve, our available services, and much more.

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